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Scroll Down ... And join me on a photo journey of Americana, Where the vistas are worn and faded by time. Where the wind gently blows and the evening light dances on the dust, and the sound of silence echos of memories of times past.

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Please Enjoy, Ron ... December 2010
... added - lower antelope slot cyn - sept 2011
... added - fort point, san francisco - apr 2012


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I was an engineer by profession. To let my 'right-brain' out to play, I acquired a camera and headed into the hinterlands of the American West to emulate Ansel Adams. I however, have settled on photographing Americana; old grain elevators, covered bridges, old barns, and buildings. I particularly enjoy black & white photography but will use any excuse to escape to the back-country, even if it means photographing in color. I have transitioned from medium format with 'hands in the chemistry' to now working almost completely in digital, alas ...

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Guestbook for Photography by Ron Parker
Kaz Hamano(non-registered)
What an impressive website! Your images are stunning. Your "favorites" are mine, too. I particularly enjoy #1, 13 and 23 (this one especially! Can't keep my eyes off). The White Pocket images are breathtaking! I seem to get better connection with the ones with human figures.
Andy tolsma(non-registered)
You have a great eye, Ron, especially in black and white. Beautiful and inspiring.
Charles W. Peterson(non-registered)
I once was in a camera club in Sacramento. However, what was shown here was Ron's very best. These were top rated.

I also looked at Sandra's and there were a bunch top rated pictures.

Thank you for your labors.
Kathy Jakolat(non-registered)
Oh, what memories watching you slide shows bring back! Miss our times together!
The guestbook is empty.