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Guestbook for All Photographs
Kaz Hamano(non-registered)
What an impressive website! Your images are stunning. Your "favorites" are mine, too. I particularly enjoy #1, 13 and 23 (this one especially! Can't keep my eyes off). The White Pocket images are breathtaking! I seem to get better connection with the ones with human figures.
Andy tolsma(non-registered)
You have a great eye, Ron, especially in black and white. Beautiful and inspiring.
Charles W. Peterson(non-registered)
I once was in a camera club in Sacramento. However, what was shown here was Ron's very best. These were top rated.

I also looked at Sandra's and there were a bunch top rated pictures.

Thank you for your labors.
Kathy Jakolat(non-registered)
Oh, what memories watching you slide shows bring back! Miss our times together!
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